QuantoSwap offers a distinctive decentralized exchange (DEX) experience tailored to prevailing market conditions and evolving trends. We are dedicated to crafting a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly product for you. Here are the key milestones:

Q2 2024

  • Launch of pre-registration β€” April 2024

  • Exchange launch

  • Staking & restaking pools opening

  • Farming pools opening

  • Token launch

  • Start of the support for other restaking protocols

  • Expansion of partnerships

  • Launch of proprietary LST for ETH staking

  • Analytics: Info site

Q3 2024

  • Multichain Expansion

  • New Token Lock & Burn mechanisms

  • Voting and reward boost for token holders

  • Launch of the proprietary Yield Tokenization protocol

Q4 2024

  • Launch of our own restaking protocol with additional revenue opportunities and LST-swaps directly on the DEX

  • User-oriented features & upgrades

  • Expansion of partnerships for proprietary restaking protocol

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