💎Stake & Restake pools

Staking pools offer an effortless way to earn in DeFi, simpler than yield farming. No liquidity or LP tokens required — just stake QNS, or any LST/LRT in the smart contract and collect rewards.

Rewards are in QNS and partner tokens, depending on the pool. Basic pools offer QNS rewards while others provide double rewards (QNS + another token).

You can claim rewards anytime or compound them by reinvesting for a higher APY. Use the Compound button for automatic compounding without claiming.

Referrals earn you a 10% rebate on their staking pool rewards.

APY vs. APR: The APR is the base rate for a year without compounding while the APY factors in compounding rewards daily. Learn more in our Education Hub.

The platform offers LST staking pools and Ethereum asset restaking with an increased APY and many other advantages typical of this type of staking. Learn more about this in the “QuantoSwap’s Restaking protocol” section.

Additionally, you can earn on QuantoSwap by utilizing Yield Tokenization. This special protocol allows you to earn on any yield-bearing tokens whether it is simply ETH, restaked ETH, or tokens from other yield protocols. Details can be found in the “Yield Tokenization” section.

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