🔄QuantoSwap’s Restaking protocol

QuantoSwap is creating a set of smart contracts that allow Ethereum consensus participants to validate new blockchain-based software modules. Participants grant access to their staked ETH, thereby consenting to the imposition of conditions on the staked assets. This further aggregates ETH security and enhances dApps’ resilience. Fees from the various modules in which users engage ETH provide conditions for additional income.

Thanks to such a solution, it becomes possible to address certain issues associated with actively validated services:

1. A new AVS bootstrap enhances security from a broad set of Ethereum validators.

2. Capital expenditure amortization is achieved through the reuse of ETH in various services.

3. Network trust is also increased due to a larger pool of capital being restaked.

4. The number of revenue streams increases due to numerous staking and restaking models.

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