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Maximize your profits with Farming on QuantoSwap. Explore various liquidity pairs and learn more about farming in this section.

Our tests show a big advantage: when we combine rewards for providing liquidity, farming, staking, and referrals, we get a much higher APR than most DEX farms. Even if a token's price increases by 50%, active QuantoSwap users will not incur a net impermanent loss. Basically, being active helps you avoid losses and make more USD than just holding tokens.

To start farming:

1. Visit the Farming section and select a farm where you hold LP tokens. If you're not a liquidity provider yet, follow the steps in the "Liquidity Pools" section.

2. Enable the farm and set a spending cap for the LP tokens in MetaMask. Ensure you have enough ETH for gas fees.

3. Deposit your LP tokens into the farm and confirm the staking transaction. Your rewards will start accruing immediately.

4. Monitor your farm in the "Staked Only" tab. If the farm doesn't appear, check your wallet balance and transaction history for any issues.


QuantoSwap adjusts reward allocations with multipliers to incentivize liquidity. Higher multipliers mean increased reward allocations for specific pools. Multipliers increase the poolโ€™s reward allocation compared with the base rate. So, for example, if a pool should receive 10,000 QNS a week, with a 3x multiplier, it will receive 30,000 QNS.

Claiming rewards

Harvest your rewards at any time without withdrawing LPs. Be mindful of gas fees, especially for smaller investments.

Removing LPs from a farm

In the "Staked Only" tab, select your farm and unstake your desired LP amount. LP tokens will return to your wallet balance shortly.

Remember to withdraw liquidity from the pool separately to access your funds for other purposes.

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