How to swap on QuantoSwap

  1. Install MetaMask and top it up with ETH. Download MetaMask:

When you create a new wallet, save the mnemonic (secret phrase) in a safe place. If you lose it, you will notbe able to recover it.

Next, you will need some ETH to pay the network fees for each transaction. The average fee in 2024 is around $50, but we recommend adding at least $50 in ETH for the fees plus whatever you are going to put into the pools and farms. The most convenient way is to buy ETH on a centralized exchange (KuCoin, ByBit, Binance, etc.) and send it to the MetaMask address.

  1. Connect to QuantoSwap and pick the tokens

Click on Connect Wallet, then MetaMask β†’ confirm in MetaMask. Always make sure that you connect to the real QuantoSwap site.

On the Swap page, choose the token you want to sell from the dropdown list in the top field, and the token you want to buy in the bottom field. Enter the amount to sell, and QuantoSwap will calculate the minimum amount you will receive. You will also see the swapping fee, price impact, and slippage displayed.

If you have never transacted with one of the tokens before, you will need to approve (import) it first and pay a gas fee (as authorizing a smart contract to access tokens in your wallet is a transaction). This needs to be done only once per token.

  1. Confirm and execute

If you are satisfied with the price and the price impact of the trade, click Approve. MetaMask will pop up, asking for a final confirmation. After this, the swap will take 10–15 minutes to get confirmed on Ethereum. You will see the tokens you have bought in MetaMask.

If you get an error, check what it says. If it is β€œout of gas” or something similar, it means you do not have enough ETH to pay for the gas. You need ETH even when swapping in a pool that does not feature ETH at all, like USDT-USDC.

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