Fees structure in QuantoSwap

Gas fees on Ethereum are variable, charged by the network itself and distributed among the validators. They fluctuate based on network activity, with higher demand resulting in higher fees. Users can adjust gas fees in MetaMask to prioritize their transactions, potentially increasing average fees. Additionally, gas fees in USD rise with ETH price growth.

QuantoSwap does not display gas fees in the swap window but shows them in the MetaMask confirmation window. Typically, fees range from $10–12 per swap. Higher fees can be avoided by waiting for them to decrease over time. Reviewing the Average Ethereum Transaction Fee chart can help identify general fee trends.

QuantoSwap charges a liquidity provider fee of 0.30%. We also offer a 70% reward for liquidity providers and 30% for token holders. Unlike other platforms, QuantoSwap does not retain any portion of the fee, offering one of the lowest swap fees among all DEXes.

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