🐞Bug Bounty Program

Join our Bug Bounty program and help us elevate our platform to new heights!

Diligent QuantoSwap users have the chance to report bugs or potential security threats. As a reward, you’ll get QNS tokens from the project.

Here are the guidelines:

β€” Do not exploit bugs or system vulnerabilities for malicious purposes.

β€” Avoid using social engineering tactics to access the system.

β€” Refrain from altering the system's code.

β€” Do not abuse bugs to gain unauthorized access or cause harm.

What can you report?

Feel free to report any vulnerabilities in the code, website typos, login issues, and more. Your insights will contribute to making our platform safer and more efficient for everyone!

How to submit a report?

If you discover a weakness or a bug, please contact us via email contact@quantoswap.org or via Telegram. Provide a detailed description of the issue along with any evidence you may have (screenshots and/or screen recordings).

What happens next?

Please be patient as we receive numerous bug reports. We'll strive to respond to you promptly.

Our experts will review the reports and reach out to discuss the details and the necessary steps to address the issue.


Depending on the severity of the error you discover, you may receive:

1. Low: Up to $10 worth of QNS

Examples include:

β€” Typos on the website

β€” UI/UX glitches

2. Medium: Up to $1000 worth of QNS

Examples include:

β€” Login difficulties

β€” Issues related to website logic and mechanics

3. High: Up to $100,000 worth of QNS

Examples include:

β€” Security exploits and vulnerabilities

β€” Financial loss-related issues

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