Why you should choose QuantoSwap

Why you should choose QuantoSwap

There are two primary types of trading platforms:

  • CEX — Centralized Exchange

  • DEX — Decentralized Exchange

While both types offer essential services facilitating the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, they differ in several key aspects.

Centralized exchanges (CEX) like Binance are crypto exchanges established by centralized organizations that retain control over the exchange's ownership. Here's how they operate:

  • Administered by a centralized organization

  • Matching buyers and sellers through the order book

  • Utilize matchmaking algorithms to regulate supply and demand

  • Internal data exchange subject to centralized security protocols

  • Users are required to deposit their cryptocurrencies into a central wallet to access services

On the other hand, decentralized exchanges (DEX), such as QuantoSwap, are decentralized finance platforms built on blockchains. Here's what characterizes them:

  • Operated by users and liquidity providers, with no involvement of third-party operators

  • Smart contracts facilitate cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Peer-to-peer trading

  • Users conduct trades directly from their wallets

As a decentralized exchange, QuantoSwap offers a range of benefits to its users:

Exceptionally low fees

QuantoSwap charges only 0.30% on each swap.

Lucrative yield farms

We employ APY multipliers to offer additional incentives for liquidity pools, allowing you to easily earn 100% APY or more.

Different staking pools

Similar to farming pools, staking pools do not require you to deposit any liquidity or use LP tokens. It is the simplest DeFi tool for beginners: stake some QNS and reap your rewards. Our platform also offers opportunities to earn income from LSTs and LRTs: you can swap and stake these tokens and receive an even higher APY as well as rewards in the form of the platform's native QNS token . For more information about the restaking protocol, please read the “QuantoSwap’s Restaking protocol” section.

Opportunities of Yield Tokenization

On QuantoSwap, you can earn Standardized Yield, which is the yield generated from depositing funds into a yield source as well as income from Principal Tokens and Yield Tokens. This type of income offers special advantages for users, which you can learn about in the “Yield Tokenization” section.

Robust referral program

When you invite someone to QuantoSwap, you'll receive a generous rebate of 10% of their rewards. This means you don’t have to farm tokens yourself — simply keep inviting people. Ideal for micro influencers and bloggers.

Superior swapping experience

Remember, QuantoSwap is a comprehensive DeFi DEX! You can swap any tokens on Ethereum with minimal fees and slippage, even the LSTs and LRTs that are not available on most of the popular exchanges. Additionally, you can become a liquidity provider or even launch your own pool.

Sustainable tokenomics

QNS tokenomics maintains a balance between supply and demand, ensuring constant buy pressure and price protection. For instance, we conduct monthly token burns.

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