What is yield farming?

Yield farming, or liquidity mining, involves staking LP tokens in a smart contract to earn rewards, incentivizing liquidity provision for token pools.

Rewards can be distributed in various tokens, including those in the pool or others. In QuantoSwap, most farms pay rewards in QNS tokens.

Farming campaigns may offer limited or flexible reward allocations. Some last longer with a lower APY while others provide higher rewards but for a shorter period.

Weekly rewards are divided among participants based on their staked LPs. Overcrowded farms with high rewards may yield lower real APRs compared with less crowded ones.

New projects often offer higher initial rewards to attract liquidity, which decreases over time as participants leave.

When depositing LP tokens, they are removed from your wallet balance, but you still earn swapping fee rewards. To maximize rewards, monitor new farms and consider transferring funds between liquidity pools. Conduct thorough research before switching farms.

Note that the displayed APR is nominal and subject to the reward token prices. Investing in tokens of quality projects may be preferable, even with a lower APR.

All active farms are listed in the β€œFarming pools” section.

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