How to list your tokens on QuantoSwap?

Getting your token listed on the QuantoSwap platform opens up new opportunities for your community. There are two methods to list your token on QuantoSwap:

Method 1: Add liquidity to the pool

Any user can list a token on QuantoSwap without requiring approval from the QuantoSwap team.

1. To list your token, navigate to β€œAdd Liquidity to a Liquidity Pool”.

2. Click on the arrow symbol to view the list of existing tokens.

3. Paste your token's contract address into the input box.

4. If you are the first liquidity provider, the token ratio you add determines the pool's price. It's recommended to verify the exchange rate for that pair on other platforms to avoid any potential issues during withdrawal.

5. Finally, approve the pool's creation by selecting Create Pool & Supply, and you're all set β€” your pool is now successfully established!

You'll receive confirmation of your transaction submission.

Once added, users can trade your token using its contract address although it won't be listed on farms, launchpools, or the default token list.

Method 2: Approved token listing

If your project and native token demonstrate strong performance, complete the application form, and QuantoSwap will assist in elevating your products.

Contact us for this collaborative opportunity:

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