How to earn on QuantoSwap?

Swapping fees

When you deposit tokens to a liquidity pool, you will receive a percentage of all the swapping fees generated by the pool. While it may not be substantial unless you are a major investor, it offers a reliable source of passive income. To learn more about swapping fees on QuantoSwap, refer to the β€œFees structure” section.

Farming pools

As a liquidity provider, you will receive special LP tokens. Stake these tokens in one of our farming smart contracts and earn up to 100% APR in QNS and other tokens. This also provides passive income opportunities. To get more information about farming, refer to the β€œFarming pools” section.

Staking pools

Stake QNS in a pool and receive rewards in QNS and tokens from QuantoSwap partners. This offers a convenient alternative to yield farming as it does not require LP tokens. We are even planning staking pools with NFT rewards. More about this type of yield is available in the β€œStaking pools” section.

Restaking protocol

The platform offers LST staking pools and Ethereum asset restaking with increased APY and many other advantages typical of this type of staking. Learn more about this in the QuantoSwap’s Restaking protocol section.

Yield Tokenization

You can earn on QuantoSwap by utilizing Yield Tokenization. This special protocol allows you to earn on any yield-bearing tokens whether it is simply ETH, restaked ETH, or tokens from other yield protocols. Details can be found in the β€œYield Tokenization” section.

Referral program

Earn a 10% rebate on all farming and staking rewards withdrawn by your QuantoSwap referrals from the platform. You don’t even need to be a liquidity provider β€” simply expand your network.

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